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GIS members receive eight credits per year to use with GIS Federal Grants Advisors. GIS Advisors are grants professionals who have experience running sponsored research offices at colleges and universities and working on Federal grants. Members can select from a menu of query topics, which range from one to two credits. Queries include access to a 1-hour consultation with an Advisor. 

The GIS federal grants library provides comprehensive information about federal grant opportunities that are most relevant for small and mid-sized colleges and universities. The library includes detailed, up-to-date documents for over 100 federal competitions, and includes competition summaries, concept papers and data worksheets. Concept papers are brief one-page questionnaires that help align your project with specific funding opportunities. 

Members have access to a series of federal grant webinars throughout the year. Webinars include conversations with former agency program officers, active faculty investigators, and overviews of federal agencies and competitions. Webinars are not only great informational resources but can be shared as a professional development resource for grants offices, faculty, or leadership. 

Webinar dates are announced several weeks in advance and can be found on the member dashboard calendar. The dashboard calendar can be synced with Google or Outlook to ensure you don’t miss out on upcoming webinars. 

As a member, you can request an annual personalized federal grants briefing from a GIS Advisor. A GIS Advisor will meet with your president, provost, or other VPs to discuss a list of federal funding opportunities that may be a good fit for your institution in the coming year.  In addition, you will learn how to best leverage GIS resources to develop winning strategies for your campus.

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