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Better grant applications, less work, fewer headaches: GIS curates the information and opportunities most relevant to higher education. Let our team of grants experts help you build the capacity to pursue and win federal grants. .

The Latest Federal Grant News

Navigating the FY24 Federal Budget: What Colleges Need to Know

President Biden signed into law two funding packages in March 2024. The first being H.R. 4366, a $459 billion legislative package partially funding the Federal government for the remainder of fiscal year 2024 (FY24) which ends on September 30, 2024. The “minibus” bill funds the first six division titles (Divisions A through F) which include

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Enhancing Education: Understanding Department of Education Student Support Grants

Colleges and Universities should consider applying for federal grants to increase recruitment, retention, and graduation rates on campus. The Department of Education (ED) offers many grants aimed at supporting students with scholarships, tuition assistance, counseling services, and other specialized programs. These programs help school improve maintenance activities, increase endowments, and increase institutional capacity to improve

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Building a Culture of Grant Seeking on Campus

In today’s competitive landscape of higher education funding, securing federal grants has become increasingly vital for institutions to thrive and innovate. Grants not only provide much-needed financial support to aid the institution’s bottom line but also provide dollars for student scholarships, critical mental health initiatives and innovative research on campus. Successful grant acquisition enhances an

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“The GIS membership has been integral to improving our university’s ability to pursue federal funding. We love having access to a huge library of resources, including an extensive federal grants library, federal grants webinars, and briefings personalized to the needs of our institution.”

– Sarah Rudnick
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Lakeland University

Did You Know?

With a budget of $280 billion, the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 will more than double the NSF’s budget over the next five years.
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Did You Know?

Approximately 80% of Dept. of Education TRIO Student Support Service grants were awarded to small and mid-sized colleges and universities in 2020.

Did You Know?

Over 60% of Title V awards made between 2017-2020 were awarded to small and mid-sized colleges and universities.

Did You Know?

Half of the awards for The Department of Justice Grants to Reduce Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking on Campus Program went to small and mid-sized colleges and universities.

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The award-winning GIS dashboard makes it easy to search billions of dollars in federal grants intelligence without having to search through multiple agency websites and provides members with access to discuss the opportunities with grants experts.

GIS is the only higher education grant service created specifically to help small and mid-sized colleges and universities navigate and identify federal funding opportunities. GIS provides centralized access to federal grants intelligence, including a library of federal funding opportunities, a customizable calendar of important dates, access to a webinar series, a personalized cabinet level grants intelligence briefing, and so much more!

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