About Grants Intelligence Service (GIS)

Our Service

GIS is the only customizable portal with up-to-date federal grants information for small and mid-sized colleges and universities. 

Our Mission

To be the leading provider of federal grants intelligence for for small and mid-sized colleges and universities in the United States.

GIS is fueled by McAllister & Quinn, a premier higher education consulting firm based in Washington, DC. For over 15 years, McAllister & Quinn has provided small and mid-sized institutions of higher education with full support on grant-seeking, faculty training, and grant proposal development. GIS builds on McAllister & Quinn’s strategic approach to and success with federal grants, which has helped generate over $600 million for small to mid-sized colleges and universities nationwide. Funds raised support scholarships, academic programs, student support initiatives, and both basic and applied research. McAllister & Quinn’s proven approach helps garner millions of dollars in funding annually but also furthers initiatives that profoundly affect the lives of those on college campuses across the country. More information about McAllister & Quinn can be found here: https://jm-aq.com/higher-education/.

Inside the GIS Dashboard

GIS include access to:

A Federal Grants Intelligence Library

Credits to Consult a Federal Grants Advisor

An Annual Customized Overview of Funding Prospects for Your University

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