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Grant to Improve Mental Health on College Campuses Forecasted

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) ​​​​​​ is forecasting the release of the Garrett Lee Smith (GLS) Suicide Prevention grant early next year!  

This grant provides funding for institutions of higher education to develop comprehensive supports to prevent suicide on campus. It is expected that program funds be used to help identify students who are at risk for suicide and suicide attempts, increase protective factors that promote mental health, reduce risk factors for suicide, and ultimately reduce suicides and suicide attempts. 

Funds can be used to hire a program coordinator and build essential capacity to support expanded efforts to promote mental health and well-being. A complete list of required and allowable activities can be found in the GIS GLS program memo.   

Applicants are required to demonstrate a compelling need for the program at the institution and population of focus, and develop a strong rationale, grounded in data, to inform the project design and activities. GIS encourages applicants to collect between three-five years of data, wherever possible, including the most recent academic year of data.  

An at-risk population of focus must also be clearly identified for this grant, which should be evident through the data. Break down the data by demographics and population of focus whenever possible. Ex: LGBTQ or Veterans. A complete list of the data recommended for a competition proposal can be found in the GIS GLS data preparation document 

Grants Intelligence Service (GIS) is a federal grants database that provides an updated data preparation document that includes all the relevant data needed to prepare a competitive GLS grant. In addition, members have access to a brief program overview, a concept paper to help get you started, and may request sample funded proposals. GIS Federal Grants Advisors provide federal grant application support for colleges and universities and are available to meet with members to discuss the application process and help prepare for the upcoming release.  

Interested in learning more about SAMHSA and getting started on your application schedule a free demo of GIS, click here 

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